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"There will be only one beauty, and humanity and nature will merge into one divinity"  F. Holderlin

Ballallaluna is a sweet space of pure uncontaminated beauty located on the top of the Maiolo hill. 

The panorama offers picturesque landscapes overlooking the Rocca di Maiolo and Valmarecchia. 

Ballallaluna is ready to host travellers, curious to discover the area or simply looking for a place to relax and reconnect with the immensity of nature.


Old residence in stone and exposed wooden beams.  

HISTORY: following the ruinous earthquake that struck the area on 29 May 1700, and which swept away the entire medieval village of Maiolo in a few minutes, the farmhouse became the residence of Chancellor Gasperoni and his family, and headquarters, from 1700 to 1737, of the Municipality of Maiolo.

Where nature is reconciled with man

All the comforts of your home in the middle of nature

Nella speranza che il vostro soggiorno sia il più dolce e confortevole possibile Ballallaluna ha qui sotto riportato un elenco di servizi/attività/stimoli volti ad ampliare la vostra esperienza di benessere.

Recommendations for places to visit and outdoor activities

(with the possibility of accompaniment)
Valmarecchia is a valley that needs to be experienced. A welcoming and fertile land that offers streams, waterfalls, expanses of fields, paths to take and cliffs to climb. Ancient villages and castles to relive and village festivals to savor the colors and flavors of our land.
Everything is poetry.


Green area

Areas used for picnics, grills and the possibility of requesting baskets with local foods to delight all the senses by rediscovering the specialties of Valmarecchia 

"È pure eternamente certo e si rivela ovunque: quanto più innocente, più bella è un'anima, tanto più intimamente vive con gli altri esseri felici, che soliamo chiamare inanimati."


Sensory experiences in the sweetest hours of the day

Yoga awakenings (Anukalana, Hatha, Vinyasa, Raja) and sound immersions at sunset (with the use of instruments with therapeutic high frequencies)

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Space that offers itself to accommodate: 
weddings - parties - recreational periods - seminars - workshops - musical evenings - collaborations with nature lovers (environmental guides, astrologers, climbing instructors..)

Contact us

Via Case Gasperoni 212, 47862 Maiolo RN, Italy

+39 3319130284

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